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Here's a new song. It's a demo.

Or it's a final. I'm not sure. Who cares.

I am publishing it on a whim because I've been creatively stuck for ages and unsure what I want musically. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't help to keep waiting to figure that out while we all get older and music seems less like the thing the world needs now. And I'm not sure when I'll know if this one is finished, or if it's worth finishing. All that crap.

The web is made for purging. So here's one. Thanks for giving it a play. Purge on.


What's that middle sound
that I hear when I am ready?
In your shirt or in disguise,
picturesque and sacrificed,
I want this.
I want this for myself.
Where's that mystery we can't stand?
Though I joked and out it went,
there's a softening sediment,
Until it folds and takes us in,
it's the fastest war to win.
I want this.
I want this for myself.
Where's that mystery?
Wear your hair down for me.
We can't stand it.


released May 8, 2015


tags: alternative



Inlets New York

Guy who does this for you (and himself).

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